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Nai Kowai

Sencillo, hemos buscado la estética Youtube Still con pequeñas variaciones que aporten dinamismo al espectador que además de escuchar, quiere visualizar el tema.

Sobre Duäl:

DUÄL is a group based in Seville (Spain) that is constantly exploring new ways of experiencing music, using musical languages as diverse as jazz, electronic, funk, and rock to come up with something that is always new and original.

With a unique formation (electric guitar and drums), DUÄL was born in August of 2018 as a way for its members (Miguelo Delgado and Pepe Benítez) to experiment with complex and risky arrangements, while also finding their own individual sounds and styles full of vitality, expressiveness, and precision.

By confronting their diverse influences (which range from MMW, and the Bad Plus, to Tortoise and figures like Amon Tobin, Flying lotus, Yussef Dayes, and Mark Guiliana), and pooling together their collective creative and interpretive strategies, the musicians of DUÄL manage to achieve an intersection between the ever-shifting nature of improvisation and the search for new melodic structures with the richness of traditional and contemporary music.